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Do you live in the Nashville or Franklin, TN area?  Out of town and just visiting?  Interested in riding your bike with a group?  Perfect!  Come and join R.B.’s Cyclery in Franklin, TN every Saturday morning and Tuesday night for a group bicycle ride.  Our group bike rides average 5 to 10 people, are unintimidating, and ride through the scenic parts of Brentwood, Franklin, Leipers Fork, and Williamson County.  Below you’ll find more information about our weekly group bicycle rides.
Day Start Time Description Location Phone
Every Saturday 8:00 AM RB’s RIDE
Year Round!
45-75 miles 16-18mph
New route every week.
We re-group. Not a race ride.
7:00am start from May 1 – Oct 1
Our Franklin Store 615-567-6633
Tuesday Night 6:00 PM HILLS OF HELL RIDE
Challenging course.
10-15 mile loop.
We ride together. No drop ride!
Brings a front and rear light!
Starts Mar 15th Ends Nov 1st
Our Franklin Store 615-567-6633
Thursday Ride 6:00PM DIRTY IN THE PARK
Night MTB ride at Percy Warner Park
Meets at the golf course trail head.
MUST have bright riding light
Begins Oct 15th – Ends Apr 1st
PWP MTB Trailhead 615-567-6633

Listed below is a schedule and description of our shop rides.  We try very hard not to drop anyone but you must be able to complete the distance and pace of the ride you select.

Rides require, at minimum, an appropriate bike in good working order, water and a helmet. We suggest a spare tube, energy food, a little cash in case we stop, and a smile.  We hope see you out there soon!

R.B.’s RIDE:  This ride leaves every Saturday all year long from our Cool Springs bike store at 8am.  From May 1st to Oct. 1st this ride starts at 7am.  This is an INTERMEDIATE ride for enthusiast, not beginners, and not for racers.  This ride is 50 to 60 miles long with a 16-18 mph average pace.  Sometimes we will increase the distance and pace dependent on who shows up, but this ride WILL NOT ride a faster average than the advertised 16-18mph.  We do our best not to drop anyone and re-group every few miles, but you must be ready to do the distance and pace of the ride!  We ride a different route every week through Brentwood, Franklin, Leipers Fork, and Williamson County.  Join Us!

HILLS OF HELL RIDE:  This ride leaves every Tuesday night from the store at 6:00pm.   This is a enthusiast ride, NOT a racer ride, but ridden on a very challenging course.  This ride has over 1000ft of climbing every 10 miles.  The group will roll out together but will break up into smaller groups with similar fitness throughout the ride.  Distance in the Spring/Early Summer is 10 miles and will get longer as the daylight allows.

Many of you have been riding on our group rides and have found that you become a stronger rider by riding with a group.  Here are some benefits in joining our group rides:

– You ride longer distances with a group because the other riders motivate you on windy, cold or bad weather days (misery loves company).

– You tend to ride faster in a group with less effort b/c of drafting.  When you get tired leading the group, others will come to the front while you take a short rest in the back.

– Traffic can see you better when riding in a group of 10 plus riders vs. riding by yourself or with 1-2 riding partners.

– You enjoy the camaraderie of others when you ride with those who share your same interest in cycling.

– With a group, you ride new and different routes that you wouldn’t ride by yourself.  We have some great routes and they change every week!

– It is true that stronger riders in the group have to sacrifice a little of there riding prowess and weaker riders must work a bit hard to stay with the pack.  But both riders win in the end.

– The list of benefits of group riding can go on and on but I hope the reasons above help you.

Thank You for your support.  We hope to see you on our ride real soon!



Additional Information

Additional Information
  • Day of the Week
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Ride Terrain
    Rollers, Flat


R.B.’s Cyclery – Group Rides
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R.B.’s Cyclery – Group Rides
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