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Wednesday Night & Saturday Morning Ride Location:

Hickory Flat Publix Parking Lot…… behind the Burger King

6175 Hickory Flat Highway, Canton, GA 30115

Exit 16 off I-575


Our goal is to have a safe, friendly and challenging ride for everyone.


First and foremost, respect and listen to our ride leaders. They are present to insure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. 

·      You MUST have a helmet to ride.

·      NO  ear phones or ear plugs.

·      Obey traffic rules and try at all times to be courteous to motorist.

·      Never pass on the right of another rider.

·      Aero bars may not to be used on any group ride. Ride leaders, at their discretion, may prohibit the use of aero bars on their rides.

·      The Hickory Flat area has many farms and we often encounter horses with    riders, PLEASE use caution.  As a general rule, we approach very slowly giving as much space and consideration as possible. If you have a loud freehub, pedal slowly — do your best not to coast.

·      Be Prepared:  bringing an extra tube, CO2 or Pump and a cell phone is always a good idea.


Saturday Morning Hickory Flat Ride

C Group- Beginners

Saturday Mornings April- September

Time: 7:00 AM      Distance: 15 Miles           Pace: 14-16 mph avg

This is a NO DROP RIDE for beginners.  This is a great ride to learn how to ride in a group and meet new people.  We welcome experienced riders to join us as well, but we ask that you are respectful of the new riders.  We will have Ride Leaders that will be helping in all aspects of this ride.


*B Group- Intermediate

Saturday Mornings Year Round

Time: 8:00 AM      Distance: 33 Miles           Pace: 17-18 mph avg

This is a NO DROP RIDE for Intermediate Riders.  This is a great ride and has been a staple for Outspokin’ Bikes for a long time. There will be a couple of intersections where we stop briefly to allow riders to rejoin the group.  We have Ride Leaders that will be helping with this ride and keeping the group together.


*A Group- Experienced

Saturday Mornings Year Round

Time: 8:00 AM      Distance: 33+ Miles           Pace: 20+ mph avg

This is a DROP Ride for Experienced Riders.  This is a great fast paced competitive ride.

*During the winter months, the A & B Group rides will be combined


Wednesday Night Ride

A Group- Experienced

Wednesday Evening April – Mid October

Time: 6:00 PM      Distance: 33 Miles           Pace: 20+ mph avg

This is a DROP Ride for Experienced Riders Only.  This is a great fast paced competitive ride that typically averages 20-21 mph.  There will be NO re-grouping and route consist of challenging climbs and sprints.

**Rides Times: April – Mid Oct 6:00PM




Although cycling has its benefits and is relaxing and fun, it’s always more pleasurable to ride with someone than to ride alone. However, riding in a group requires adherence to certain rules. These “rules” will increase your enjoyment and keep everyone safe.

Don’t Be Late — Arrive a little early to get ready.  Start times are clearly stated for each ride so please be respectful of other riders and be ready to roll out at the set time.

Be Predictable—This may be the most important rule and it involves every aspect of riding from changing positions in the group to following the traffic rules. Groups should maintain integrity when approaching intersections. That means staying in the correct lane, stopping together, and starting together as traffic allows. It goes without saying that if we demand the right to ride on the road, then we must be willing to ride responsibly…especially as a group.

Don’t Overlap Wheels—There is no recovery from a front wheel deflection.   Many times the person in front can recover, but not the people behind. Pay Attention and don’t fixate—If you are staring at something (i.e., the wheel in front of you), eventually you’ll hit it!

Be Steady—This includes speed and line. It means steady pressure on the pedals…uphill or downhill, headwind or tailwind.. Sudden braking will set off general alarms from everyone in the rear. When using the brakes, feather the front brake lightly and keep pedaling against the resistance. This allows you to moderate your speed without disturbing trailing riders.

Signal—Signaling lets everyone (vehicles and riders) know your intentions. It is also a good idea to make eye contact with oncoming traffic at intersections.

Change Positions Correctly—Keep a steady pressure on the pedals until you have cleared the front. After pulling off, soft pedal and let the group pull through. As the last couple of riders are passing through, begin to apply more pressure to smoothly take your position at the rear.

Climbing—Downshift and keep a steady pressure on the pedals to avoid abrupt changes in speed

Communicate/Road Hazards— Communication is the key to safe group rides. Because roads are full of traffic and hazards, and because visibility is limited when riding in a group, it’s important to warn others about hazards and to remain alert at all times to the warnings shouted and pointed out.

ü   Car back: car is approaching the group from behind

ü   Car up: car approaching from the front

ü   Car right (or left): car’s approaching on a cross street

ü   Stopping: the group is stopping for a stop sign or light

ü   Walker up: there’s a pedestrian on the road ahead

ü   Call out all road Hazards (ie. gravel, pot holes, road kill)

Relax—It will allow you to be smooth and responsive. It not only saves energy, but it makes bike handling much more effective.



Additional Information

Additional Information
  • Day of the Week
    Wednesday, Saturday
  • Ride Terrain
    Long Hills, Rollers, Flat
  • Group Size
    20 - 50
  • Ride Length
    15 - 33+ Miles


Out Spokin’ Bicycles – Group Rides Woodstock
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Out Spokin’ Bicycles – Group Rides Woodstock
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